NSW and Victorian death certificates

The following is a list of 1000 death certificates of Jews who died in NSW and Victoria between 1870 and 1980. They were placed in our care by the Australian Jewish Historical Society (Vic). The certificates were purchased by Professer Bill Rubinstein in the early 1980s for a sociological study he conducted on the occupational status of Jews in NSW and Victoria.

He presented these certificates to the AJHS in September 1984. The random sample was drawn from the following time periods: 1870–1874, 1900–1903, 1928–1932, 1950–1951, and 1979–1980.

If you wish to receive information about or a copy of a particular certificate, contact the AJGS (Vic) at admin@ajgs-vic.org.au, giving the name of the deceased and specifying NSW or Victoria.

Click here to download an Excel file of Victorian Male death certificates

Click here to download an Excel file of NSW Male death certificates