Society (Vic)

Welcome to the AJGS (Vic)


We are a group of people from a variety of backgrounds with a common interest in exploring our Jewish ancestry.

Some of us are not Jewish but we are fascinated to learn about the life and times of some of our Jewish forbears.

Some of us have struggled for years trying to do our own research without help – when we joined the AJGS (Vic) it made all the difference.

We enjoy attending the monthly meetings, hands-on workshop and presentations. Some of us have even discovered others in the room with a common ancestry. That’s exciting!

Most of us have joined Jewish genealogical discussion groups on the net and a whole new world has been opened for us.

So what about you? We are waiting to welcome you.

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The President and Committee of the AJGS (Vic)

wish all our valued members, readers and their families a very

Happy New Year 

Hoping the new year brings you great success in your genealogical endeavours

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